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Do You Need More Introductions Sales Opportunities In Your Business?

What would it look like to have a constant stream of Referrals, Introductions, Opportunities and Sales coming into your business?

Welcome to 1Networking!

Our tried and tested RIO™ model, dynamic weekly online meetings and experienced management team is what makes 1Networking the fastest and most economical way to get more sales.

A modern, national, virtual organisation that puts you right at the core!

Our 1Networking leadership model builds a Motivated, Accountable and Committed team of business owners at our dynamic and energising weekly meetings.

1 industry seat

You are the only person from your profession in your group, making you the natural go-to person.

1 primary objective

Build your business with more sales!

1 opportunity

Now is the time to take your seat. Or someone else will.


Next generation referral networking. Be the one.

The Rio System TM





1Networking Online Zoom Meeting

A modern, national, virtual organisation that puts you right at the core!

Each weekly 90-minute session is an efficient, effective and productive use of your valuable time.

You will promote your business, build trust and members mutually support each other with Referrals, Introductions and Opportunities… and this will of course help generate you more sales!

Each group has only one of each profession which will make you the natural go-to person for your sector within the meeting.

1Networking Online Zoom Meeting

What people SAY about 1N...

“Love the fact that it's completely nationwide rather than mostly local, is unique amongst online networking I've done.”
Richard Fincher
Web & Email Hosting Services
“1N has been fantastic so far...
Had great 121s, passed some business and received referrals”

Kriss Saunders
Travel Agent
"I really like the concept and am doing business which simply wouldn’t have happened in any other environment."
Simon Clarke
Hand Sanitiser Stations

Take your seat today!

Each 1Networking group only has one person per industry so if you are approved, you will become the go to person within your virtual team.

To claim your seat, complete this form and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements and your application. If successful, we will find you an appropriate seat in a group where there is a good fit for you.